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To Another You

You came into my life when i least expected it like a cool breeze, balming to the touch. Being around you made me feel like a giddy preteen, figuring out how it was to crush on someone. You were tall and oh so handsome, a striking vision in a suit and tie. Your beautiful smirk fit so perfectly on your face and when you directed your attention towards me it felt like magic. You let me dream again and my head took its very familiar, abandoned spot in the clouds once again. But alas, I wasn’t the one you were looking for so now I sit here waiting patiently for my battered heart to come home once again.

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These Halls

I walk these halls as I have done before.

Somethings different, what is it? I’m not too sure.

Glancing around I see familiar faces turn to dust.

My path turns askew and I can’t adjust.


So lost in the darkness of my mind,

Feel like I’m slowly going blind.

I can’t remember if ever did belong.

Memories like missing words to a familiar song.


I’m taking steps, little steps away from this tragedy.

I think that it’s really, it’s got to be the best for me.

I won’t get tied, down deep inside to this heart ache.

I’ve got to fly, high in the sky, these shackles I will break.


Lost in a sea of memories, these halls used to be a home for me.

Now it seems they can no longer be.

With heavy heart I turn away.

And walk into the light where I shall stay.

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Popping the Bubble

Charmed by your magic spell

For how long I cannot tell

It hurt hard when I fell

As the bubble popped


I was confused and deranged

And couldn’t understand what had changed

You and I we grew estranged

But maybe it was time to wake up

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Yesterday’s Trash

Isn’t it funny how it was I who wiped your tears

I who dispelled your fears

I who stood by you in your time of need

Yet at a moment’s notice you threw me away like yesterday’s trash


What did I expect? I knew I had no value

Just blew your nose in me like a disposable tissue

Showed me the waterworks and it made me weak

So I risked my all to get you what you seek


There was always someone else greater than I

And as much as I labor and as much as I try

I’m just yesterday’s trash in your eye

And no longer will I bear it and standby