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Stupid Mistakes

Time and time again, i trip over my own feet. I get up and shrug it off saying i’ll be careful next time  but time doesn’t seem to pass and i’m on the floor again, reassuring myself. I can’t help all the mistakes i’ve made and will continue to make. These mistakes are in the hands of something greater than me. I can only will myself not to succumb to the demons of my irrational mind. I cannot stop my destiny. So i sit there and cry, waiting, knowing that i’m going to trip again.

The others look at me funny.

“what a queer boy, why doesnt he help himself?”

I become nothing more than a cautionary tale in their eyes.

“Did you see that tear-stained simpleton? I just wish he were wiser”

The boy behind the stupidity slowly drowns until the actions are all that are left of the performer.

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To Mr. Perfect

If perfection had a name it would be yours

Embodiment of humility and grace

My heart skips and soars

When I see a smile cross your face


I don’t know why I’m feeling how I feel

There’s something so ideal about your being

You pass me by and as a souvenir my breath you do steal

As I stand awestruck at what I’m seeing


Oh perfect creation from up above

Won’t you grace me with your presence once more?

The feel of which I do so love

Your energy so pure


I don’t know what is the meaning of all this

Whether I’m falling or this is fleeting

I just know your thoughts give me bliss

And I wait for our every meeting

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I may not have many Caesarian qualities

But you sure showed your Brutus side

You played on my frailties

And stabbed me from behind


Oh how easily you picked my scabs to prevent them from healing

They say there are daggers in men’s smiles

And it seems you’re done concealing

No regard to what I’m feeling


I knew I wasn’t so dear to you

Don’t take me for a fool

But I always did stay near to you

What you did was cruel


You could have asked for a pound of flesh

I’d have given it gladly too

Instead you carved a wound so fresh

And left me with pain undue

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Little Devils

Before i get to the poem, i would just like to add that this poem was written on two different days quite far apart. The first half of the poem was written during one of the darkest points i have ever reached but i left it incomplete. The second half came to me today during another spiral. It’s very dark overall and i just don’t know what i’m feeling right now.


Little devils in my mind

They’re telling me I won’t survive

A little splash of madness

I’m leaving this world behind


My head is abuzz with crazy whispers

I can’t seem to explain

The world is spinning round and round

It’s rattling my brain


Everywhere I go my thoughts follow

There’s no escaping what you can’t see

Got nowhere left to go but down below

We all know they won’t miss me


For some there’s just no salvation

Living life in eternal damnation