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Innocence Lost

Strangers to innocence

Friends of sin

Where did we go wrong?

Where did this begin?


Purity fouled by worldly invasion

These bright souls stood no chance

One by one they fell

Victims of circumstance


No person spared in the mad dash

To gain that dirty power

Sell your heart and humanity

For in that quest your soul it shall devour

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Rain Clouds

Streets wet with the tears of the earth

Formed from the human sadness drifting in the wind

The little boy sat watching by his window transfixed

At the dark grey clouds in the sky above.


It was too dangerous to go out to play

Lest he get struck by lightning

But it was all the same under this warm roof

For he wasn’t safe even in here


The little boy cried and the rainfall grew rampant

He longed to get away

Then appeared next to him an older boy

Someone so familiar


Said the older boy to the little one

We are one and the same

And then he uttered three magic words

It gets better.


And he disappeared

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Writer’s Block

So I know i said I  was going to come back at the end of last month but since then i’ve been struggling with every writer’s worst enemy – writers block. I just have so much I want to do but the fountain of ideas is running dry these days. I’ve been really wanting to start a novel and do some short story work while keeping my poetry writing consistent too. However, i’ve had no luck at any of those in recent days. I finally got a little inspiration to do something creepy after seeing the first look of Pennywise the Clown from the new IT movie. I hope i can work through my idealess struggle and accomplish what i want from my writing this summer. Hope you guys are having a nice week! 🙂

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Twisted Grin

Beware! A new threat lurks around

Sneaking into your houses without a sound

He’s the epitome of sin

When he smiles that twisted grin


Limbs, bones and flesh are mere playthings

People are puppets on his diabolical strings

And while he bashes their skulls in

He’ll be flashing that twisted grin


He’s the devil in disguise

You can see it in his eyes

Burning fire, madness within

Revealed through his twisted grin