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I Don’t Blame You

I don’t blame you for being tired.

You’ll never admit it but i can tell.

It drips from your words like an ominous drizzle.

It leaks from your eyes like the tears I’m not supposed to know about.


My brand of crazy burns the throat and coerces the tears.

It has claimed victims most determined.

It makes lightweights of champions

And it cripples with brutal callousness.


I don’t blame you for stepping back

When you were lacerated by my shrapnel.

I couldn’t bear to see the pain

That my monstrous volatility did cause you.


I don’t blame you for turning away.

For life has thrown you enough curve-balls,

And your feet singe from the fires you had to walk through,

And your heart too has ached on lonesome nights.


So I won’t blame you for leaving me.

You deserve to feel the healing breeze,

The perfect respite, the sudden ease,

That comes when you walk away from my toxic storm.

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Say You’ll Remember Me 

Thoughts of you bleed free

On solemn nights like these.

Memories of who I used to be

Before you left me begging on my knees.


One minute we were flames

Dancing together, burning passion.

Suddenly everything changed, you were playing games.

Our love turned to fiction.


I try to think of my mistake.

Tear the earth in two there is no answer.

I try in vain to numb the ache.

Freefalling endlessly without an anchor.


I looked over my shoulder as I walked away

Hoping that you’d look back as well.

All you left me was dismay

As you left without farewell.

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Solitary Confinement

This is no place for the souls of men

But linger still do many.

They choose the charcoal oblivion.

Pariahs coming together yet still alone.


For here exists only the self, self upon self

Among the steady chime of silence.

A soft hum but also a deafening roar

Mellifluous, everlasting companion to one, to all.


Dwelling ground for the broken and the hopeless

Dissuaded by the world’s nefarious nature.

They weep with tears they do not have

For a world that is no longer theirs.

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The One That Got Away

I watch you walk away from me

Without the slightest hesitation.

Oh love, won’t you stay for me?

Don’t leave me in starvation.


I did all I could do,

Put my heart on my sleeve.

All the hell I went through

Just to watch you leave.


For your affection is all I dared to ask.

You told me you weren’t capable

Of fulfilling this arduous task.

For your guarded heart it just wasn’t possible.


So I had no choice but to let you go.

I smiled and waved goodbye.

I could never let you know

how much for you at nights I’d cry.


The thought still strikes me every day.

You were the one that got away.

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Heart’s enemy

You may never know the words I have to say to you

I’ll let them die as thoughts

But I still can’t look away from you

Slow torture for my heart


I’ll let you fall into the arms of another

And say not a word in protest

Take a pillow to my feelings and smother

Try to push it all away


I’ll put my heart on the guillotine

My heart lets tearful rivers flow

I am my own enemy

Believing I’m meant to be alone


I retreat into my deluded fantasies

And try to find happiness in what-ifs and foggy dreams


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Moody Love

Fickle as a flower

I love you, I love you not.

Changing by the hour,

My feelings are victims of over thought.


One day I was under your spell,

Your image on my mind.

It happened so quick I couldn’t tell.

Love’s light made me blind.


Another day I couldn’t care less.

You blend in among the crowd.

I see no reason to obsess

And I show it clear and loud.


Love is moody, it wants its way.

It changes my mind everyday.

I feel a pang as you pass and then I shrug.

Sweep my feelings under the rug.


Control is lost.

I hold myself back.

So I pay the cost,

My love story goes off track.

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Your one and only

The suns last beams drizzle across the sky.
The summer wind passes you by.
Calm and centered you gaze on into the sunset
And take in this memory you won’t forget.

Times are better when you share with another.
You know in your darkest times you have each other.
The way he looks at you gives you butterflies.
You’re a captive audience to the love in his eyes.

So on that summer day that you are together,
You know now that this can really be forever.
This spellbinding magic is one of true beauty.
You’ve found your true love; your one and only.

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Loveaholics Anonymous

Drinking from the bottle that is you

Ive been wasted in your love.

Tell me darling what am I supposed to do?

To push you down and rise above


Loving you was heroin. loving you was ecstasy.

Baby I’m an addict. I need the rush you give to me.

Getting high off the thought of your memory.

Just one touch and you fill me with energy.


Building up the idea of you

I spent my days and all my nights.

I just needed to hear you wanted me too

But your statue took a fall.


The pain, the high, the overdose

Your love had me in its control

So I kept on going and now I’m close

To having your love take its final toll.

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Papa, it’s funny how I can’t remember sunny days.

Oh you’ve been so long set in your ways.

Oh papa, I can’t bear to see your face

After all of your disgrace.


Papa, don’t you know how to treat a woman?

I can no longer see you as human.

My mama weeps till she can’t breathe.

Those sounds they make my blood seethe.


Papa, how can you look us in the eye?

After you’ve drained us all dry.

Oh papa, what more could you possibly want?

You’ve already got our carcasses to flaunt.


But papa, it’s time for me to take a stand.

You died for me the moment you raised that hand.

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What am I worth to you?

Do you measure me in pennies or in gold?

Am I precious? Am I rare? Or am I only worth a toss?

If I were to leave you would it be a gain or a loss?


Or maybe you measure me in smiles and laughs,

The way I slave to lift you up.

Maybe it’s how many good memories I can provide you.

But when it turns bad would you not want me beside you?


Perhaps you measure me by the hand of the clock

Which I do race against to see you by every hour.

All the nights I sell away to sing you sweet lullabies

Perchance I was to leave, would your hourglass continue to flow?


But the tragedy of the situation remains

That I will always look to you and all the other yous

To determine what my worth is

Because these eyes don’t see it.